Project Management, Part 6 of 8: Executing a Project

with expert Sandy Haydon

We have now completed project planning and integrating the outputs from each of the planning processes into a comprehensive project management plan. In this lesson, we will officially transition from planning to executing a project and start leveraging that pm plan. Project execution is the third of five pm process groups that you will perform on most projects you manage. In this course we will actually perform project work.

Intermediate | 1h 40m | November 20, 2013

Project Management

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Sandy Haydon

Sandy Haydon is a certified project manager in software development and a project management instructor. She has 40 years of experience with IBM as a software developer, manager, and project manager responsible for leading teams located worldwide. Sandy holds a BA in Mathematics and an MA in Management and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and an IBM Senior Certified Project Manager.

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