Project Management, Part 1 of 8: Getting Started

with expert Sandy Haydon

The course is based on PMI’s PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition which has been available since January, 2013. PMBOK is an abbreviation for Project Management Body of Knowledge. It is the globally recognized standard and guide for the pm profession. It provides guidelines for managing individual projects and defines pm related concepts. It describes both the project and the pm life cycles, and their related processes.In this course we will at your role as the project manager and explore how it can be influenced by an organization’s portfolios, programs, and projects. You will identify the components of pm and how they relate to other disciplines within an organization. You will explore the relationship pm has to business and how it can be applied to align with business objectives. Next we will focus on how an organization’s culture, business frameworks, processes, procedures, and business requirements can influence how projects are conducted and managed. Now you will dive further into to the project life cycle and how the project phases are conducted in a variety of ways depending on the specific needs of the project. We will start looking at the PMI pm processes and examine how they apply to a project. Continuing the course, you will use the Initiating a Project processes to gather and identify the project components need to get a project started. Then you will be introduced to how developing a project charter is the 1st step in initiating a project. You will also learn about the Project Stakeholder Management Knowledge Area and how to identify project stakeholders.

Beginner | 1h 50m | November 04, 2013

Project Management

Course Outline

Sandy Haydon

Sandy Haydon is a certified project manager in software development and a project management instructor. She has 40 years of experience with IBM as a software developer, manager, and project manager responsible for leading teams located worldwide. Sandy holds a BA in Mathematics and an MA in Management and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and an IBM Senior Certified Project Manager.

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