SC-300 Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator, Part 4 of 4: Identity Governance Strategy

with expert Anand Rao

The SC-300 Exam is split into 4 Domains: Implement an identity management solution (25-30%) Implement an authentication and access management solution (25-30%) Implement access management for apps (10-15%) Plan and implement an identity governance strategy (25-30%) This course covers all the material for Domain 4, Plan and Implement an Identity Governance Strategy.

Advanced | 1h 57m | May 12, 2022

CloudMicrosoft 365

Course Outline

Anand Rao

Anand Rao is a senior technical instructor and cloud consultant. He has worked with large enterprises for about 15 years and has a wide range of technologies in his portfolio.Anand Rao has delivered instructor led trainings in several states in India as well as several countries like USA, Bahrain, Kenya and UAE. He has worked as a Microsoft Certified Trainer globally for Corporate Major Clients.

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