Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, Part 4 of 4: Domain 4: Pricing and Support

with expert Brian Culp

Domain 4 covers 20-25% of the exam. This course covers: Azure management tools, Pricing, Subscriptions, cost management, Subscriptions and tools.

Advanced | 0h 50m | July 31, 2020

AzureCloudCloud Azure

Course Outline

Brian Culp

Brian Culp is a technical author and Microsoft Certified Trainer who has sold over a million words of non-fiction to the likes of McGraw Hill, Addison-Wesley, O’Reilly, Microsoft, and others.In addition, he has authored more than 25 training courses covering topics such as Windows 10, Office 365 Administration, and Azure DevOps. Some of these lessons are featured on Microsoft's Office 365 Admin Portal page.He is also an electric car enthusiast, and is currently working at Lucid Motors as a technical writer. He lives in Silicon Valley, California.

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