DP-500 Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions, Part 2 of 2: Advanced Concepts and Power BI

with expert Tijs Maes

The DP-500 exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: implement and manage a data analytics environment; query and transform data; implement and manage data models; and explore and visualize data. and it's scored on the following domains: Implement and manage a data analytics environment (25–30%) Query and transform data (20–25%) Implement and manage data models (25–30%) Explore and visualize data (20–25%) This course covers Advanced concepts and Power BI. it will take you through DAX, Query Diagnostics, authentication methods, security, performance and more.

Advanced | 1h 29m | August 25, 2022

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Course Outline

Tijs Maes

Tijs Maes is co-founder of a Belgian startup active in data visualization. Besides my current role, I love to teach others about Microsoft Power BI, a tool that I use everyday. I have been able to help a lot of people through my training, and enjoy learning!

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