DP-203: Data Engineering in Microsoft Azure, Part 7 of 7: Optimize and Design Azure Data Solutions

with expert Eshant Garg

The DP-203 Exam is measured in Four domains: Design and implement data storage (40-45%), Design and develop data processing (25-30%), Design and implement data security (10-15%), and Monitor and optimize data storage and data processing (10-15%). This course covers how to Design and Optimize Azure Data Solutions.

Advanced | 2h 56m | April 18, 2022

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Course Outline

Eshant Garg

Eshant Garg has 16 years of extensive professional experience with expertise in Database and Business Intelligence Solutions, Advanced Analytics, Design and Solution Architect, Reporting, and Cloud Computing Technologies (Azure & AWS). As a developer and architect, he has worked closely with customers, users, and colleagues to support business solutions across a variety of industries including healthcare, insurance, finance, and government ranging from small companies to fortune 500 companies.

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