MVC 4.0, Part 10 of 11: Dependency Injection and Deployment

with Phil Ledgerwood

In this course we’ll talk about what dependence injection is and what kinds of problems it’s trying to solve. We’ll take a look at what every dependence injector needs to do when you wire it up to your MVC framework application, including how you might go about writing your own dependence resolver. Next we are going to take a look at integration testing where we test the entire web application in an automated way, starting from the user interface and drilling down through all the functionality. We are going to take a look at unit testing and where we can isolate down to the very controller methods and make sure those are working properly. Finally we’ll take a look at where we can put these applications and how easy it is with MVC applications to deploy them, ranging all the way from simply coping your files to the very elaborate and extensive and handy functionality that is built in to the publish functionality built in Visual Studio.

Course Outline