Microsoft Desktop, Part 7 of 8: RD Gateway and Virtualization

with Chris Bell

In a corporate network there may be requirements from clients to remotely access virtual desktops, known as VDs, session based desktops and other applications. We can configure these tasks for clients by using server role services such as Remote Desktop Gateway and RD Web Access, both provided by Microsoft. Perhaps we have a lack of office space to deploy physical desktops. Maybe we want to enable end users to access their systems using virtual machines over a cloud. To do this we can setup a desktop virtualization host infrastructure and provide an enhanced client experience. Through this course will get a better understanding the management of the RD Gateway and Web Access which will allow us to enable authorized users to connect to resources, such as RD session host servers, RD virtualization host servers and VDs on the corporate network. We will also get a clear understanding of how the RD virtualization host infrastructure and client experience will grant us better control over centralized resources and provide enhanced user experience regardless of where users are located.

Course Outline