Microsoft Desktop, Part 6 of 8: User Migration and RD Session

with Chris Bell

In an enterprise it may often necessary to perform a regular OS deployment or OS upgrade according to the organizational requirements. In such scenarios we need to migrate users along with their data configurations and settings to the updated enterprise desktops to ensure that the user data is preserved during the OS deployment or upgrade process. This can be done by implementing the user state migration. Through this course will gain a better understanding about user state migration and how it helps us to minimize productivity loss in the enterprise environment and guarantee user satisfaction. There also may be situations where we want to dynamically increase access to critically enterprise applications on the network. In order to increase the use of such vital applications and resources for users we can use Microsoft’s remote desktop role services, such as remote desktop session host and remote desktop connection broker. Through this course we will also get familiar with managing remote desktop and virtualization concepts which helps us simplify the administration tasks of applications along with remotely managing those applications.

Course Outline