Microsoft Desktop, Part 5 of 8: Lite and Zero Touch Deployment

with Chris Bell

When working with organizational networks there maybe requirements where we may need to plan and automate desktop image deployments on client computers. We can do this via Lite Touch or Zero touch Deployments. In this course we’ll first get familiar with configuring desktops using the Lite touch Deployment strategy. This will allow us to easily automate the image deployment process with minimal interaction thus reducing deployment time and effort. However in organizations where we need to perform a deployment for a large number of enterprise desktop systems the manual interaction requirements of the Lite Touch Deployment can make the process quite complex and time consuming. In order to simplify and automate the deployment process we can use the Zero touch Deployment strategy using the appropriate deployment tools. We will continue and look at how the ability to configure a Zero Touch Deployment strategy will allow us to automate OS deployment in less time.

Course Outline