Microsoft Desktop, Part 3 of 8: Managing WDS and MDT

with Chris Bell

In a corporate network there maybe requirements to deploy images to remote computers. The remote client computers may not be the same and might differ in configuration and might even require high touch installations. We can manage such deployments tasks on remote computers using Windows Server role services such as Windows Deployment Services or WDS. In large scale enterprises requiring mass deployments or upgrades to the Windows Desktop and Server operating systems we may need to perform suitable OS configurations in less time. Microsoft offers an automated deployment solution named MDT, to automate application installation and OS configuration more efficiently. In this course we’ll gain a better understanding of managing WDS and how it will allow us to simplify the desktop deployment process with end to end deployment solutions with both client and server computers. Understanding how to manage MDT will grant us the ability complete the deployment process in less time while reducing deployment costs.

Course Outline