Windows Server 2012 Admin, Part 6 of 8: OS Updates and Images

with Chris Bell

Operating systems need regular updates to improve functionality and to remain secure. This can be accomplished in networks by using the Windows server update services role. This allows you to fully manage the distribution of updates are released through Microsoft update to computers in the network. AWS US server provides the features that we administrators need to manage and distribute updates through a management console. In this session we will go over how to install Windows server update services role and configure it to deploy updates. Windows deployment services is a server role that allows us to install operating systems across the network. Rather than having to install each individual client or server computer with a DVD, WGS can stream the image to local or remote locations, installing a single computer or many computers at the same time, with minimal effort from the administrator. This is more commonly known as a light touch deployment. Through this session we will go over the installation of the Windows deployment services role. We will then learn how to create images and subsequently deploy them to machines on our network.

Course Outline