C# 2012, Part 1 of 4: Visual Studio 2012 IDE

with Joe Mayo

In this course first, you’ll get a quick tour of the IDE. You’ll see the new look and feel and some of basic navigation skills. VS 2012 helps you organize your projects, so you’ll learn how to use Solution Explorer and how projects and solutions are organized. You’ll also see how to navigate the IDE with a new feature named QuickLaunch. You’ll learn how to use Snippets to quickly add common code. Then you’ll learn how to use Refactoring to improve the design of your code. Then you will see how you can use Extension Manager to add 3rd party Add-Ins to VS 2012. In addition to extending VS 2012, you can add 3rd party DLL libraries to your projects, via a feature called NuGet. You’ll see Portable Libraries and how they help you build common code that works across the various profiles.

Course Outline