Forensic Investigator, Part 08 of 10: Network and Email Forensics

with David Bigger

When is the last time you sent an email? Have you used a network lately to surf the Internet or post to your Facebook? Networks and email are an integral part of today’s enterprise infrastructures, not to mention everyday life at home. Knowing where to look for evidence on a network, if it’s a firewall, IPS/IDS solution, or a router is essential for an investigator. Do we check the logs first or is there another place to look? What about emails? Do we know where to find evidence there? If you know where to look, what exactly will you be looking for? Coming up we will answer all these questions and more on your way to becoming a forensic investigator. This course is part of a series covering the EC-Council Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI).

Course Outline