Angular 2, Part 2 of 3: Tools

with expert Gregor Dzierzon

Learn all about Angular 2's robust tool set for applications with this course. First, you will explore routing and MVC frameworks. By watching this course, you will gain an understanding of directives and displaying html from both a structural and attribute perspective and you will learn how services can make code reuse easier. Finally, you'll dive into HTTP services for data retrieval and the formatting of data using pipes. After completing this course, you'll have a better understanding of the tools Angular 2 offers.

Intermediate | 2h 39m | October 20, 2016


Course Outline

Gregor Dzierzon

Gregor Dzierzon, MCSD, MCDBA has over 15 years of experience architecting and developing solutions using C#, VB.NET, SQL Server, Reporting Services, and Analysis Services, but most of his work has been with web development using ASP.NET, C#, JQuery, and AngularJS. He is a Senior Software Engineer and Software Architect who has owned a Software Consulting Company. He has 12 years of training experience and travels nationally as well as internationally to Canada and the UK to deliver training.

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