Windows Azure 2012, Part 7 of 8: Mobile Service and ACS

with Mike Benkovich

Today's users don't live on just a workstation or a laptop. With the proliferation of laptops, smart phones, and tablets people work from a variety of forms and clients. Mobile Services is a new compute service available in Windows Azure, and it makes it very easy to work with data and identity to give your customers a consistent experience across all their devices. So we will look at the patterns for building connected applications and what Mobile Services has to offer. Establishing identity for your applications is a problem that developers have had to deal with since computers have been around. Historically we have had to depend on user names and passwords to identify who is using our apps, and with creating passwords for each application means that you have to also support managing them too. Because of this we will look at how Access Control Services provides services for managing that identity conversation for us, and simplifies how we can use this service in our apps.

Course Outline