Windows 8.1 What's New, Part 3 of 3: Data and Contracts

with Mike Benkovich

Building software is almost always looking for a better way to work with the data that makes things tick. In Windows 8.1 we have some new paradigms and patterns for interacting with information no matter where it comes from. We will take a look at what this means to a developer. From looking at data in all its forms, with local setting, files and data services, to the patterns for interacting with the data. Windows 8 introduced a new way for applications to communicate with other applications and systems. Contracts define an agreement between the parties that make it possible to explore, search and share the data that makes up an app. We will look at some of these contracts and show how to implement them in your code. We will see how the sharing contract works as both a source and a target, how search activation works, and even dive into the file picker contract where your application can be a source of data to other applications.

Course Outline