Windows 8 Using XAML, Part 15: Printing and Charms

with Ken Getz

You have a Windows 8 application but you need to add printing and setting functionality. This course will help to fill that need. In this course you will investigate the printing user interface in Windows 8, using the Devices charm. You will learn to register for the Print contract, using the PrintManager object. Then you will see how to work with the RichTextBlock and RichTextBlockOverflow controls to add support for visual text flow layout. Next you’ll see how to examine events of the PrintDocument object, which make it possible to display print preview information and to print content. Then you will see hwo to Print using an in-app button, change options in the standard printing user interface and add custom settings to the printing user interface. Then you will learn about the Settings charm, and the corresponding Settings pane. You will examine settings options for a Weather app. Then install and work with the Callisto library of user interface tools to examine the Permissions Flyout and create a simple About command and Flyout. Then you will learn to add an Options Flyout that supports changing the main page’s background color and preserve settings using the RoamingSettings dictionary.

Course Outline