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Sondra Nelson

Sondra Nelson is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and has been teaching Microsoft Office for over 15 years. She has teaching and consulting experience with high school students, college students and corporate employees.


Microsoft Outlook 2016, Part 2 of 2: Customization

In this course, we will look at Microsoft Outlook and I will show you how to use calendars and how to work with one or multiple calendars, setup outlook in the backstage view using options, search outlook using built-in tools, and how to increase pro...


Microsoft Outlook 2016, Part 1 of 2: Email and Contacts

In this course, we will be working with Microsoft Outlook and exploring how to set up different kinds of email accounts, managing contacts, creating and sending email messages, formatting email messages, and using tasks and notes. We will be going ov...


Microsoft Excel 2016 Data Analysis, Part 4 of 4: Analytical Tools

Explore an amazing set of topics in analysis and forecasting in this course which covers topics including Goal Seek, Scenarios, Solver, and Data Analysis. Learn to use Goal Seek’s capabilities when a value is unknown, explore Scenarios which allow fo...


Microsoft Excel 2016 Data Analysis, Part 3 of 4: PivotTables and PivotCharts

Data summarization is essential when managing large datasets. This course will take a closer look at PivotTables, PivotCharts, PowerPivot, and importing and exporting data in Excel. Learn about building, modifying, and formatting PivotTables from giv...


Microsoft Excel 2016 Data Analysis, Part 2 of 4: Lookups and DataTables

Excel contains an endless amount of useful data tools to help you sift, sort, and present data. Explore some of these convenient tools including Lookup functions, Data Tables, Validating Cells, and tools for filtering data and creating charts and gra...


Microsoft Excel 2016 Data Analysis, Part 1 of 4: Functions and Formulas

Understanding when and how to use advanced functions and arrays is an important step in mastering data analyzation in Excel. Discover the importance of multiple functions including logical and conditional functions, financial and statistical function...


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