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Patrick Von Schlag

Patrick has worked in the Information Technology field for over 25 years and brings his extensive expertise to our courses. He has helped establish IT service management programs for a variety of organizations including pharmaceutical, energy, and software companies. Patrick was a part of one of the original service management teams in the United States. He has been a member of several CompTIA boards and is a member of the ITSM forum.


Scrum Product Owner, Part 2 of 2: Change and Sprints

In SCRUM Product Owner the product owner serves as voice of the customer to drive solutions in the context of business value. This course will discus change and quality, risk, sprint planning, review and deliverables.


Scrum Product Owner, Part 1 of 2: Overview and Principles

In SCRUM Product Owner you'll learn to drive optimal business value, provide clarity to the team about priorities, objectives and business alignment. This course will talk about the role of product owner, requirements, priotizied product backlog. ov...


Scrum Developer, Part 2 of 2: Implementation and Review

SCRUM Developer introduces the core activies of SCRUM. Starting with the fundamental concept of iterative development, collaborate with stakeholders and manage risks. The SCRUM concepts covered will be user stories, tasks, daily standup. manage spr...


Scrum Developer, Part 1 of 2: Concepts and Roles

Scrum Developer introduces the core activies of SCRUM. This corse will introduce you to the core principles, values and solutions for collaboration and teams. It will highlight Value based priority of features and go over concepts and principles, p...


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