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Kari Hoien

I’m Kari Hoien. I have a Bachelors degree in Business and Accounting from Concordia College in Moorhead, I was a CPA and went on to get my Masters in Education Technology from Pepperdine in Malibu, California. I have been working as a trainer and consultant for Microsoft Office products for more than 20 years and I’ve helped clients in almost every industry in a wide range of different capacities and applications. I have taught thousands of people how to use Microsoft Office apps (Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint etc). I have done stand-up classroom style training, virtual training, on-demand training, self-paced training, executive training, one-on-one training – you name it – I've probably done it. I LOVE teaching people how to use these everyday programs better, ways to save time so you can work SMARTER and have more time for the things that you love. Thanks so much for allowing me to help you learn.


Microsoft Teams, Part 2 of 2: Apps and Customization

Microsoft Teams is the answer to video chat, collaboration and storage all in one location. This course does a deep dive into advanced meetings usage, application integration as well as how to fully customize the Microsoft Teams experience.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, Part 1 of 2: Fundamentals

Microsoft Teams is the answer to video chat, collaboration and storage all in one location. This course discusses an overview of Microsoft Teams as well as channels, how to initiate meetings, make a call and use Files.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019, Part 4 of 4: Presentations

This course examines different ways to modify the look and feel of your presentation, as well as how to finalize and prepare your presentation. It will demonstrate the presenter-facing notes feature, selectively replacing words and other features tha...


Microsoft PowerPoint 2019, Part 3 of 4: Working with Objects

Join productivity experts Leeanne McManus and Kari Hoien as they focus on working with a variety of objects, as well as one of the main components in PowerPoint. They will show how to use objects such as images, SmartArt, shapes, tables and charts t...


Microsoft PowerPoint 2019, Part 2 of 4: PowerPoint Basics

In this course, Productivity experts Leeanne McManus and Kari Hoien give a closer look at the fundamentals of using PowerPoint, including utilizing and navigating different views such as slide-sorter view. They will discuss formatting typical objects...


Microsoft PowerPoint 2019, Part 1 of 4: Get Acquainted

Experts Leeanne McManus and Kari Hoien demonstrate the best way to get started in PowerPoint by exploring all the different areas of the PowerPoint interface and how they can be best utilized. The best ways to modify and use interface features, inclu...


Microsoft Excel 2019. Part 5 of 5: Printing and Sharing

Whether through printing or electronic file-sharing, most Excel files are created with the intention of distribution. In this course, Microsoft Office expert LeeAnne McManus and Kari Hoien explore the layout, printing, and sharing features you will n...


Microsoft Excel 2019. Part 4 of 5: Modifying Workbook

Discover the collection of graphics and objects available to users of Excel with Microsoft Office experts Leeanne McManus and Kari Hoien. This course will discuss the various tools that can help to illuminate the data in your workbook in order to giv...


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