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David Kelley

David Kelley is a Silverlight MVP with over 10 years of experience building Targeted Customer eXperiences. He is currently the Principal User eXperience Architect for [wire] stone specializing in touch experiences such as digital price tags and Silverlight-based kiosks for retail. David publishes a blog called Hacking Silverlight and helps to run the Seattle Silverlight User Group and Interact Seattle, Seattle's Designer Developer Interaction Group.


User Experience (UX) Design and the Microsoft World

This live learning event will cover UX Design in the Microsoft world, from working with designers and consuming design assets to building wireframes in expression blend. The presentation covers best practices with Adobe design assets to be used in th...

UX DesignVisual Studio

Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Using HTML and JavaScript

In this live learning event, you will learn how to get started building HTML-based applications for Mobile devices including Android, iPhone, WP7, and third-party hosting frameworks such as PhoneGap. You will also learn how to use JavaScript and CSS ...

Cross PlatformHTMLJavaScriptMobile

Sensors on Windows Phone 7 - Mango

This session will focus on using devices and sensors in Mango, from GPS to new sensor API. Usage examples will be reviewed, including Bing Map Controls and more. We will walk through the code for wiring up and using the various sensors in Mango inclu...

Visual StudioWindows Phone


UX Design Win 8 Apps, Part 3 of 3: Building Apps

This course is designed to introduction to building basic application in Microsoft Blend 5. This course covers the creation of controls and graphics for the user interface, working with Visual Studio 2012, the visual state manager and creating a mess...

UX DesignWindows 8 AppsWindows 8 Design

UX Design Win 8 Apps, Part 2 of 3: Building UI in Blend

This course will show how to use Expression Blend to build the user interface for Windows 8 applications. The course will show how to be graphic and designed focused, including what the design elements of Windows 8 applications are. Next the course w...

UX DesignWindows 8 AppsWindows 8 Design

UX Design Win 8 Apps, Part 1 of 3: Aesthetics and Design

Windows 8 changes the design pattern from previous versions of Windows in a grand way. This course will show the basics of Windows 8 aesthetics, how the look and feel of applications needs to be in order to look like they are part of the Windows 8 en...

UX DesignWindows 8 AppsWindows 8 Design

Expression Blend Design, Part 3 of 3: Behaviors and VSM

Expression Blend has many options to create many effects in an application. You will see in this course how to use triggers to start animation effects. The behavior class is covered and how it is used for several different events and triggers. The Vi...

Expression BlendUX DesignXAML

Expression Blend Design, Part 2 of 3: Animation

Expression Blend makes creating simple animation easy and quickly. With this course you will be introduced to Sketchflow and Motion Studies. You will see how to use the Storyboard in Expression Blend for creating transforms and other types of Animati...

Expression BlendUX DesignXAML

Expression Blend Design, Part 1 of 3: Introduction

The user experience is very important in creating any application. Part of the experience is how well the user is able to use the application with the interface. User Interface building has become a vital role for any developer. One of the tools for ...

Expression BlendUX DesignXAML

Introduction to User eXperience, Part 2 of 2: Design Tools

In this course you will learn about the full spectrum of UX design and working with UX inside a variety of tools and techniques and more importantly focus on understanding the principles of UX design as applies to software applications

UX Design

Introduction to User eXperience, Part 1 of 2: Design

Basic principles of UX (User Experience) design as applied to UI (User Interface) design and Microsoft tools including everything from basic wireframing, UX design in the abstract, how to write a user story and Information Architecture. The UX design...

UX Design

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