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Cisco IP Switched Networks (CCNP Switch), Part 4 of 7: Inter VLAN-Routing

with expert Kenneth Mayer

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Release date 7/2/2018
Level Intermediate
Runtime 1h 9m
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Course description

This courses discusses the variety of ways to do inter-VLAN routing. It talks about broadcast domains and how to focus on routing traffic between different VLANs and beyond with both routers and multi-layer switches.


This is part 4 of the series.

Meet the expert

As a certified Microsoft Instructor, Ken has focused his career on various security aspects of computer and network technology since the early 1980s. He has offered a wide variety of IT training and high level consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies globally. Through the course of his extensive career, he has taught a full line of Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, and other high level IT Security curricula.

Course outline

Inter-VLAN Routing

VLAN Routing (28:45)
  • Introduction (00:12)
  • Router on a Stick (07:51)
  • Demo: Build a Network (04:49)
  • Demo: Sub-Interfaces (04:34)
  • Demo: Add a Host (05:38)
  • Demo: Router on a Stick (05:31)
  • Summary (00:08)
External Routing (13:01)
  • Introduction (00:08)
  • Pros and Cons of an External Router (01:34)
  • Using an MLS (03:41)
  • SVI eNotes (05:49)
  • Layer 2 to Layer 3 (01:39)
  • Summary (00:08)
Switch Virtual Interface (27:50)
  • Introduction (00:08)
  • Demo: Build a Network (05:36)
  • Demo: Add Addresses (03:53)
  • Demo: Create VLAN Interfaces (05:47)
  • Demo: SVI Routing (04:37)
  • L3 Switch Interface eNotes (04:03)
  • Requirements for an SVI (01:36)
  • EtherChannel on L3 (01:58)
  • Summary (00:08)