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Certified Virtualization Security Expert

with expert Tim Pierson

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Release date 4/30/2018
Level Intermediate
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Course description

This series covers everything you need to know becoming a Certified Virtualization Security Expert. Students will learn about routing and the security design of VMware, Remote DataStore security, Penetration Testing 101, information gathering, scanning and enumeration, penetration testing and the tools of the trade, DMZ virtualization and common attack vectors, hardening your ESX server, hardening your ESXi server, hardening your vCenter server, and 3rd party mitigation tools.

Meet the expert

Tim Pierson Tim one of the World’s leading trainers in technology, networks, virtualization and, applications. He has been a technical trainer and consultant for security and virtualization for the past 25 years. He has 29 industry technical certifications from CISCO, Microsoft and Novell. Tim has been a noted speaker at many industry events such as Infosec World 2010, Innatech and GISSA. He is a contributing author of VMware vSphere and Virtual Infrastructure Security Securing ESX in the Virtual Environment.

Course outline

Primer and Reaffirming Our Knowledge (1.5h)

Primer and Reaffirming Our Knowledge (2.5h) (01:20:00)
  • Virtual Ports (01:20:00)
  • Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Encryption (00:00)

Routing and Remote Security (2h)

Routing and the Security Design of Vmware (01:20:00)
  • Major Benefits of Using VLANs (01:20:00)
  • vCenter Server InstallationRemote DataStore Securi (00:00)

Penetration Testing 101 (1h)

Penetration Testing 101 (01:20:00)
  • Gonzalez Indictment (01:20:00)
  • The Evolving Threat (00:00)

Information Gathering, Scanning and Enumeration (1

Information Gathering, Scanning and Enumeration (01:20:00)
  • FireFox Fully Loaded (01:20:00)
  • Introduction to Port Scanning (00:00)

Penetration Testing and Common Attack Vectors

Penetration Testing and the Tools of the Trade (01:20:00)
  • Windows Password Cracking (01:20:00)
  • DMZ Virtualization and Common Attack Vectors (00:00)

Hardening Your ESX Server (3.5h)

Hardening Your ESX and ESXi Servers (01:20:00)
  • Configuring the ESX/ESXi Host (01:20:00)
  • Secure the SNMP Configuration (00:00)

Hardening Your vCenter Server (1.5h)

vCenter Server Hardening and Mitigation Tools (01:20:00)
  • VMware Converter Enterprise (01:20:00)
  • 3rd Party Mitigation Tools (00:00)