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UX Design for Win 8 Apps, Part 2: Commands

with expert John Wiley & Sons

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Release date 5/14/2015
Level Intermediate
Runtime 1h 2m
Closed captioning N/A
Transcript N/A
eBooks / courseware Included
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Course description

Master UX Design for Windows 8 apps in this 3 part learning series, Windows 8 has plunged head first into the app market, and now, you can learn the ins and outs of developing Windows 8 apps from a user perspective – from app development best practices to sharing your app with the world – with UX Design for Windows 8 Apps. Understand the Windows 8 platform, how it works, and what features work best for mobile and desktop platforms Utilize popular features like Layout, Charms, App Bars, and more. Design user-friendly apps that perform well and are beautiful and simple in their purpose.


This course assumes some familiarity with Windows 8 development. This course is part of a 3 part learning series. Please view the courses in the following order, UX Design for Windows 8 Apps: Intro to UI and Planning; UX Design for Windows 8 Apps: Settings and Commands; and UX Design for Windows 8 Apps: Animation, Touch and Tiles.

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Course outline

Settings and Commands

Share, Settings, & File Picker (22:19)
  • Introduction (00:10)
  • Create a Share Experience (03:00)
  • Share Source Guidlines (02:56)
  • Share Target (04:57)
  • The Settings Charm (03:27)
  • Design Considerations (04:20)
  • The File Picker (03:17)
  • Summary (00:10)
App Navigation & Commands (18:55)
  • Introduction (00:10)
  • Building App Navigation (03:32)
  • Heirarchical Anatomy (04:53)
  • The Flat Pattern (01:35)
  • Integrating Commands (04:32)
  • Command Placement (04:00)
  • Summary (00:10)
Resolution & Sizes (21:35)
  • Introduction (00:10)
  • Resolution & Sizes (04:45)
  • Design a Snapped State (02:15)
  • Scale & Screen Size (04:43)
  • Templates & Controls (04:23)
  • PIxel Density (05:07)
  • Summary (00:10)