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jQuery, Part 1 of 6: Fundamentals

with expert Michael Bibeault

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Release date 6/2/2012
Level Beginner
Runtime 0h 55m
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Course description

This course will cover the fundamentals of jQuery starting with why use jQuery. The course will then cover downloading and installing files, adding jQuery to a page, getting and using Plugins, Statements and end with utility functions.


Basic knowledge of computer programming in C++, C#, or Java.

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Meet the expert

Michael Bibeault has been turning coffee into quality software since 1976 when he starting programming in BASIC on a Control Data Cyber. He is currently an Architect and Technical Lead at a company that manufactures residential gateways and set-top TV boxes. Bear has two Electrical Engineering degrees from the University of Massachusetts and has also taught in the Graduate Computer Engineering Program of that esteemed institution for a decade. Bear has co-authored four books: Ajax in Practice, Prototype and Scriptaculous in Action, jQuery in Action, and jQuery in Action, 2nd edition. He is also currently working on a 5th book with John Resig: Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja.

Course outline

jQuery: Fundamentals

Introduction to jQuery (24:42)
  • Introduction (02:31)
  • The Web has Changed (02:52)
  • Meeting the Challenge (01:39)
  • Why jQuery? (02:59)
  • jQuerys Primary Goals (01:21)
  • Letting JavaScript be JavaScript (00:48)
  • Functional vs Imperative JS (01:14)
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript (03:34)
  • Why jQuery? (again) (00:35)
  • Demo: JavaScript Form (02:29)
  • Ajax, the Hard Way (01:00)
  • Demo: jQuery Form (02:02)
  • Ajax, the Easy Way (00:50)
  • Summary (00:43)
jQuery Syntax and Setup (15:06)
  • Introduction (00:45)
  • jQuery Statement Syntax (03:40)
  • Demo: jQuery Statements (01:45)
  • jQuery Statement Syntax (00:28)
  • jQuery Utility Functions (01:25)
  • Global Namespace Intrusion (01:44)
  • jQuery noConflict() Utility Func (00:59)
  • Getting jQuery (01:48)
  • Loading the Library (01:53)
  • Summary (00:35)
jQuery Document Ready Handler (15:25)
  • Introduction (00:52)
  • Document-ready Handler (05:46)
  • Demo: Ready-Handlers (01:29)
  • Demo: In Action (03:00)
  • Method Chaining (01:31)
  • Extensibility and Plugins (02:18)
  • Summary (00:27)