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Jenkins, Part 2 of 7: Docker and AWS

with expert Ricardo Gonzalez

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Release date 5/10/2019
Level Beginner
Runtime 1h 9m
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Course description

Jenkins is open source automation software that helps automate software development with continuous integration and facilitating technical aspects of continuous delivery. This course starts with using Docker as well as how to use SSH to connect and then an introduction to Amazon Web Services as well as creating buckets, users and jobs in Jenkins.


Basic GNU/LINUX knowledge is nice to have, but not required. A computer that supports Virtualization. Internet connection Basic Docker understanding is nice to have, but not required.

Meet the expert

Ricardo is a Red Hat certified engineer and systems administrator, cloud architect and linux specialist. He has taught students around the world and is passionate about process automation, and tools to make infrastructure as code to create efficient architecture solutions.

Course outline

Docker and AWS

Docker SSH (00:16)
  • Introduction (00:08)
  • Docker SSH (00:00)
  • Summary (00:08)
SSH Plugin (11:52)
  • Introduction (00:08)
  • SSH Plugin (02:54)
  • SSH Integration (05:04)
  • Run Command Over SSH (03:37)
  • Summary (00:08)
Intro AWS Jenkins (18:01)
  • Introduction (00:08)
  • Intro AWS Jenkins (01:11)
  • Create Mysql Docker (06:11)
  • MySQL Client AWS CLI (06:37)
  • Create Mysql DB (03:45)
  • Summary (00:08)
Create Bucket and User (22:52)
  • Introduction (00:08)
  • Create Bucket (01:47)
  • Create IAM User (01:50)
  • Dump And Upload Manually S3 (06:49)
  • Automate Dump Mysql (04:40)
  • Full Working Script S3 (04:44)
  • Sensitive Data (02:44)
  • Summary (00:08)
Create Jenkins Job (16:55)
  • Introduction (00:08)
  • Create Jenkins Job (06:50)
  • Execute Job And Be Happy (02:42)
  • Permanent Script (04:45)
  • Change Jenkins Parameters Bucket (02:20)
  • Summary (00:08)