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Forensic Investigator Advanced

with expert David Bigger

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Release date 3/15/2018
Level Advanced
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Course description

The third installment of the Forensic investigator series


Parts 1 through 8 of Forensics Investigator.

Meet the expert

David Bigger David Bigger is the lead trainer at Bigger IT Solutions. He has been information technology for a little over 20 years and has been training all over the US. He has worked with companies like US Military, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Dominos Pizza, University of Utah and Expedia

Course outline

Part 9: Cloud forensics(1-2 hours)

Module 1: Cloud Forensics (01:15:00)
  • TBD (01:15:00)
  • TBD (00:00)

Part 10: Web forensics (1-2hours)

Module 1: Web Forensics (01:15:00)
  • TBD (01:15:00)
  • TBD (00:00)

Part 11: Mobile forensics (1-2hours)

Module 1: Mobile Forensics (01:15:00)
  • TBD (01:15:00)
  • TBD (00:00)

Part 12: Report Writing (1-2hours)

Module 1: Report Writing (01:15:00)
  • TBD (01:15:00)
  • TBD (00:00)