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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional: Part 6 of 6: Exam Prep

with expert Zeal Vora

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Release date 7/24/2020
Level Advanced
Runtime 1h 30m
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Course description

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional is the top level cert in the Architect path for AWS Learning Paths. This course covers tips and information on how to prepare for the exam itself.


AWS Account and Knowledge of or experience including Certified Solutions Architect Associate as well as enough on the job experience.

Meet the expert

Zeal works primarily as a Cloud Security Consultant guiding organizations to re-build their infrastructure with security in mind. Zeal also holds more then 13+ certifications ranging from RedHat Certified Architect to AWS Security.

Course outline

Module 24

Exam Prep Delegation (38:24)
  • Introduction (00:08)
  • Exam Prep Delegation (20:22)
  • Exam Pointers Auto Scaling (17:46)
  • Summary (00:08)
Exam Prep DynamoDB (38:17)
  • Introduction (00:08)
  • Exam Prep DynamoDB (16:28)
  • Exam Pointers EC2 (21:32)
  • Summary (00:08)
Exam Prep CloudWatch (14:12)
  • Introduction (00:08)
  • Exam Prep CloudWatch (06:45)
  • Exam Pointer CloudWatch Logging (07:11)
  • Summary (00:08)