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CLF-C01: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Part 4 of 7: DNS and Lambda

with expert Zeal Vora

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Release date 3/21/2019
Level Intermediate
Runtime 1h 18m
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Course description

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a general overview of the AWS Cloud. This path is intended for individuals in technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial roles. This course starts with how CloudWatch monitors your site and what it's capable of. Then it covers DNS monitoring and Analysis with Route 53 and finally touches on serverless computing with AWS Lambda


An Amazon Web Services Account and an understanding of web technologies will be helpful.

Learning Paths

This course will help you prepare for the following certification and exam:
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
CLF-C01: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Meet the expert

Zeal works primarily as a Cloud Security Consultant guiding organizations to re-build their infrastructure with security in mind. Zeal also holds more then 13+ certifications ranging from RedHat Certified Architect to AWS Security.

Course outline

DNS and Lambda

CloudWatch and DNS (20:22)
  • Introduction (00:12)
  • Overview of CloudWatch (06:01)
  • SNS Introduction (06:04)
  • Introduction to DNS (07:56)
  • Summary (00:08)
DNS Analysis (19:16)
  • Introduction (00:08)
  • DNS Wireshark (09:20)
  • DNS Records (09:39)
  • Summary (00:08)
DNS Route 53 (19:18)
  • Introduction (00:08)
  • Route 53 Introduction (05:40)
  • DNS Route 53 (04:30)
  • Intro to Serverless Computing (08:52)
  • Summary (00:08)
AWS Lambda (19:37)
  • Introduction (00:08)
  • AWS Lambda (11:16)
  • Introduction to Reverse Proxy (08:04)
  • Summary (00:08)