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Angular 2, Part 3 of 3: Updates and Best Practices

with expert Gregor Dzierzon

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Release date 10/20/2016
Level Intermediate
Runtime 1h 6m
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Course description

Put the tools that you've learned about to use! Discover how to complete the contacts list application with the tools you've learned about so far. Learn the best practices for Angular 2 as well as how to go about upgrading and updating Angular 1 applications to Angular 2.


This course assumes that you have some HTML and JavaScript programming background. As with any such course, the more experience you bring to the course, the more you’ll get out of it. This course moves quickly through a broad range of Angular2 topics, but it does not require any prior AngularJS skills since Angular2 has been completely rewritten and is not simply an upgrade to AngularJS 1.x. This course also assumes that you are familiar with how to use the operating system that you are running. For example, the course might say simply “Open Notepad” without explaining how to do that. You should also be able to navigate the folder hierarchy using Windows Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) and with Command-Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac).

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Meet the expert

Gregor Dzierzon, MCSD, MCDBA has over 15 years of experience architecting and developing solutions using C#, VB.NET, SQL Server, Reporting Services, and Analysis Services, but most of his work has been with web development using ASP.NET, C#, JQuery, and AngularJS. He is a Senior Software Engineer and Software Architect who has owned a Software Consulting Company. He has 12 years of training experience and travels nationally as well as internationally to Canada and the UK to deliver training.

Course outline

Updates and Best Practices

Completing (23:14)
  • Introduction (00:23)
  • Completing the App (00:27)
  • Implementing the Delete Button (00:18)
  • Implementing the Update Button (00:43)
  • Demo: Delete (04:27)
  • Demo: Update - Creation (04:59)
  • Demo: Update - Services, Route, Navigation (05:08)
  • Demo: Update - Add Function, Debug (04:39)
  • Demo: Update - Mongo ID (01:45)
  • Summary (00:19)
Updates (42:56)
  • Introduction (00:26)
  • Updates and Best Practices (00:34)
  • Angular CLI (00:53)
  • Simplified index.html (00:25)
  • Library Import Location (00:19)
  • Bootstrapping with NgModule (00:34)
  • Angular2 Routing Engine (00:21)
  • Best Practices - Components (00:20)
  • Best Practices – File Structure (00:56)
  • Demo: Angular CLI Install (03:43)
  • Demo: Webstorm (05:34)
  • Demo: Manual Comparisons (05:21)
  • Demo: Create Components with CLI (04:01)
  • Demo: Files and File Structures (05:05)
  • Demo: Services, Pipes, & Directives (01:33)
  • Demo: Routes (05:59)
  • Demo: Route Changes (04:26)
  • Demo: Server Side Pipes (01:58)
  • Summary (00:19)