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eBook Essentials, Part 1: Introduction

with expert John Wiley & Sons

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Release date 6/3/2015
Level Intermediate
Runtime 1h 21m
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Course description

In this 4 part learning series you’ll learn the ins and outs of creating electronic books or eBooks. If you areworking for a company who wants to publish books to internal clients or if you self publishing a book this course is for you. You’ll first get an introduction of what an eBook is and then you see how the ePub structure works. Then you learn about styling your eBook. Next you you’ll see how to convert a document to an ePub, what export settings you’ll need for each platform and how to add navigation and media to your eBook. Then you’ll see how to convert other ePub formats to the format you need, how to save and reapply styling lost in the conversion. Then you’ll see how to view your ePub for editing and formatting. Then you’ll learn how ePub Distribution works, what the different ePub platforms are and best practices to follow.


This course assumes familiarity with Adobe InDesign and other word processing applications. This course is part of a 4 part learning series; eBook Essentials: Introduction; eBook Essentials: Creating an ePub; eBook Essentials: Viewing ePubs; and eBook Essentials: Selling and Platforms. Please view the courses in the order given if you are unfamiliar with the material.

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Our Creative Design courses are presented by experts from Wiley Publishing. Wiley is a global provider of knowledge and knowledge-enabled services that improve outcomes in areas of research, professional practice, and education. They are the publisher of award-winning journals, encyclopedias, books, and online products and services.

Course outline


Introduction (26:45)
  • Introduction (00:10)
  • What is an eBook? (03:29)
  • Understanding eBook Formats (04:06)
  • Tools for Creating eBooks (04:08)
  • Creating an ePub (05:12)
  • Converting ePub to Kindle (03:37)
  • ePub File Contents (05:51)
  • Summary (00:10)
ePub Structure (29:27)
  • Introduction (00:10)
  • Crack Open an ePub (05:12)
  • ePub Structure (02:52)
  • ePub XML Files (04:33)
  • Other ePub Files (04:30)
  • Editing ePub Content (05:12)
  • Creating an ePub (03:25)
  • Using an Existing File (03:20)
  • Summary (00:10)
Styles (24:58)
  • Introduction (00:10)
  • Reading Order (04:50)
  • Articles Panel (03:22)
  • Styles (03:54)
  • Applying Styles (02:09)
  • Local Formatting (03:58)
  • Anchoring Graphics (06:23)
  • Summary (00:10)